Sunday, September 02, 2012

my anak buah is now 2 yo! =)


just a short entry to show betapa excitednye ini budak tiup kek. haha

yummmmmmyyylicious cartoon theme ice cream cake !!

i dont know how many times i kept repeating to say; "akim!!! sabarlah!! jgn tiup lagi!! maksu nak tgkp gamba laaaaaa" haha

and this is how paklong tahan him from tiup besday candle AGAIN. haha

and here you can see how focus he is.. yaaa. staring at  the candle. hahaha

again akim.. 1, 2 3!! HAPPYBIRTHDAY sweetheart! <3

makan time!! oh btw, the 1 dlm gold wrapper from me! =p
p/s" to my dearest akim.. HB sayang! semoga jadi anak yg soleh. maksu love you =)

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