Monday, March 21, 2011

salam and a very good morning.

okayh. time ni mesti sume tgh sibuk buat thesis. and me, in a depression mood. like a hell. spend my whole time.. trying to mix and match. avoiding from being bla3~~  someone's word make me sad. and. in a very depressing mood. i'm still trying to mix and match. to get the best.

p/s: caffein doesnt help me in doing thesis. but, doing well in my situation right now. and i feel sad.

fatty boom. boom. someone said u like a pregnant women. someone that u love. clap3.. 


princess_shida said...

kak..x nmpk mcm ngndung pon....cntik lgi ada la....cntik yg ckp tu clap tgk tu....mta kita x sma...da org ckp lawa..da org ckp x...sush la hidup klu nk puaskn ati sume org kan...but..4 me..kak cntik ...shda suke tgk kak =)

cik shazida said...

hahahahah. yey! syg awak lebeyh!!!! :))