Thursday, February 18, 2010

special edition of leen & kama. (fair & lovely)

leen: weyh, kau r yg kenalkan fair & lovely kat aku kan.. siap bwk agi tyme lam kelas dulu.. ko taw, sampai skang aku gune taw..

honestly. i miss her. i love her. nurul shazleen kamal.  my best fwen since we r in primary skul; Sek. keb. AU Keramat and also Sek Agama AL-Hidayah, AU3. such a very long time.. it's almost 9 years we haven't meet each other... yesterday, 17 february 2010, KLCC..
on a very beautifull day.. we meet again.. i miss every single moment of us.. we spend a day. remembering about past. about fair & lovely n oso other friends.. terase cam nak wat reunion je gn kwn2 lame.. :) leen, now,she is still the same. gurl yg suke senyum. gile2.. suke gelak.. wat lawak. u r stil my bff dear.. i love u.. i miss u.. my best buddy.. may u have a successfull life & so do i..

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