Tuesday, January 08, 2013



She gets everything that she wants 
But nothing that she needs. 
In her shadow, no one knows. 
She struggled to live her life every day 
She perceives like nothing happen in front of everyone. 
She's proudly standing and show her strength 
She's got no place to fall 
She's been taken away. By that moment. 
The moment that changed her whole life 

And you.

I want you to know, 
She's previously someone who's happy. 
But you snatch her happiness. 
One of my biggest hopes. 
She will forgive you
And you will live happily. ever. after.

Tanpa rasa bersalah.

Full stop.


Anonymous said...

Awat ni Cik Kak.. Awk asyik cedeyyyy je :( sy slalu bc blog awak. Jgnla cedeyyyy agy :( sy pun cedeyyyy. Tp sy tau Awk kuatt...

cik shazida said...

haha. mane ade seydey. i refer to her. not mine. i only wrote there my hope :p