Tuesday, November 06, 2012



"When i come to work, I don't joke around"

serious shit. kalau aku apply mende ni mesti sume sentap. jgn ingat aku funny, friendly, easy-going , talkactive, suke gelak. sume boleh pijak kepala, ask anything, bg arahan ke, marah-marah ke. just remember this carefully, IF I APPLY THIS. sure, there's no more Ms Kama yg lama. 

u give me asst. yes thank you for that. but, you load me with a lot of DAMN THING! This refer to your co-partner.For you. your own self. I did almost everything. Dr setiap akaun nye. Every single acc. Nak apply loan ke crdt card ke. semua tu pon aku buat kot? Tenancy nye. LHDN nye. SEMUA. But, have you ever ask whether i love this new job scope? dealing with clients is the worst. I dnt expert in that. But u keep saying, "i heard you talk with others, i know u can. u good in that." First impression? boleh pakai ke? Is that coming from my heart? Doesnt meant im good with that ill love to do it. and willing to do it.

To the co-partner. If u want to be respect. You should respect others first. Jgn aku sorang je nak kene ikut mood  ko. Bile ko happy, and bilamana ko marah. Im too stress facing 3 directors with different arahan. Jgn bg aku stress nak facing muke ko pulak. EH! you are one of them. no wonder aku stress tgk muke ko. AND PLEASE. NEVER ASK ME. "kama. i dont know la y people always scared at me. i dnt do anything."  yes. you scared them by DOING NOTHING. YOUR ATTITUDE. and never ask me "Kama, i dnt know y xada lelaki suka saya" You answered this already with YOUR ATTITUDE.

K DAH. harini aku blah awal. sebab menyampah. one thing you should know about me. if i really hate someone. i wont argue with them. ill leave. 

"When you do what you love. You do your best work. "

p/s: hari ni first time. dalam sejarah. air mata aku nak menitik. aku rase this case like JK USM time nak apply car punye kad for the final sem. Aku x boleh la. org treat baik2, and you do the opposite. then, u come back and treat baik sgt2. pffft. cannot go! aku jenis baik hati kot. and I still remember yg pegawai JK tu dulu, dpn staf bukan main marah2 aku argue mcm2, abes j keje. MENGGATAL! mesej bagan. Awak rase human ni plastik ke? pakai buang? xde perasaan? you can treat any way you want? isn't it? Macam sini la. other staf might think im the closest one with the director. But, do they know im suffered inside?

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