Sunday, October 28, 2012


3.00am :
I wake up and think dreams are real. But then, i sleep back. so, i dont have to feel it.

Inlove with someone even if you know you can't be together in the future is like standing in the rain.You know you're gonna be sick, but still you stand there because it feels great.- Robie Revilla

sigh. i havent start my work pon. i havent start my study pon.
please la mood. dtg la selaju mungkin. tolong la. isk

menjadi kebencian org mmg best. terasa hati bagai tidak dihiris-hiris pun. tambah2 kalau org yg membenci tu jujur yg dia benci kat kita kan. very the outspoken u olls.

sigh. 4tahun yg sia-sia.
can you just speak it out DIRECTLY TO MY PARENTS??

Sepi hati. terjadi lagi.
Mungkin sampai mati. aku sepi.

True happiness is not what you feel. it is how you are. yes,

ok dah. mari tido kembali. good night peepssssss <3

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