Saturday, September 29, 2012

part 2: tag - 100 soalan =.="


ni 100 soalan versi yg lain pulak kene jawab. huhu... aku x tau la bape banyak versi la tag ni ade. isk.. seb baik la aku tgh x bleyh tido skang.. jimat mase aku kire kambeng dgn jawab mende alah ni. hilang lg 1 pending post.

1.) Name: Kama Azida (i mmg suke tulis name banyak kali.. huhu)
2.) DOB: lagi seminggu. sile ingat. 6 OKTOBER yee kawan-kawan.
3.) Address: Key Ell
4.) Blood type: O - sy mmg pemurah. huhu
5.) Height: Refer entry part 1 
6.) Weight: Refer entry part 1
7.) Shoe size: 5 - 6.. dua2 ngam2 soi
8.) Personality: friendly.. yeah. garang.. yeah..
9.) Dream: I Dream High nan kkumeul kkujyo (song: ost dream high 1) 
10.) Specialties: makan. hahaha
11.) Hobbies: shopping? travel?
12.) My idol: parents <3
13.) Celebrities you likes: jang hyuk!!! saranghae.!
14.) Fav Flower: roseee laaa. ape lagik. hiks.
15.) I want to go out with this kind of person: jang hyuk <3 <3 <3
16.) Fav. Fruit: durian balik pulau... dapnyeerrr
17.) People you don't like: Hypocrite
18.) Fav comic book: forever ujang.. ohh
19.) What I worried about: kawen lambat. berat naik.. huhu.
20.) Sleeping out: opkos la pena dah kate suke travel
21.) Alcohol tolerance: -OH
22.) First love: heh.. ukuran study jarak pemisah kami.. iskk.
23.) If you met your first love: i will ask him. y did u leave me suddenly? do u hv any idea how suffered am iy?? y??? *mate berkaca*
24.) Sport I good at: chess? seb bek x kuar peluh.. kalau x kurusss nnti.. haha
25.) Fav song: too many.. but, currently listen to: the climb; miley cyrus
26.) Number of blind dates you’ve gone on: eh eh.. cam dlm cite korea da.. haha
27.) When I look the best: anytime. konfiden tuh penting. haha
28.) Person I liked the best out of all the people I gone out with: mmmmm. ade ke?
29.) Fav number: 5
30.) Prized Possession: myself. haha
31.) Lowest ranking: in cooking?? hahaha
32.) Religion: Islam.
33.) What I think when looking in the mirror: sape la kawen dgn dia neyh nanti.. =.="
34.) Fav color: pink laaa.. girlish gituu
35.) Good thing about myself: i have a very warm heart. 
36.) Bad thing about myself: hot tempered. stubborn
37.) Drinking habits: apekah?
39.) On a rainy day I want to go outside and get wet: okay gak.. main hujan. haha
40.) Things I cook well: huhu.. huhu.. huhu... sy x reti masak? isk..
41.) Something I want to do right now: exercise. ahahahahhaha
42.) Foreign language I good at: english? can aaa?
43.) Something I want to do with the person I love: not applicable
44.) A present I want to give the person I love: my heart
45.) A present I want to receive from the person I love: not applicable
46.) Things I want: Refer to entry part 1
47.) Someone I respect: parents, abangangah.
48.) Phone greeting: hello assalammualaikum?
49.) Ringtone: twinkle away; brainstewz
50.) Caller rings: rindu setengah mati; d'masiv, tapi bagaimana; spider
51.) If you found 1 million dollars on the road: amek. beli mini paceman. ahahah *keji betul* bg polis kot.
52.) Habits: ape eh? entah
53.) Sleeping habits: selubung kaki sampai muke.. huhu
54.) What I wearing as of now: yellow t-shirt , loose pants.
55.) I want to die when: wuuu.. xmau lg.. x cukup amal. iskk
56.) Something I want to do right now: ni titas ke ape ni.. soalan berulang. haha. Refer no. 41
56.) How many times have you received/given flowers from/to a person of the different gender: received from:  xkire la pulak. huhuhuhu
57.) Where I want surgery: Bersyukur la.. huhu
58.) My charm: entah la
59.) What people think of me: muke sombong.. iskk. sy selalu kene itu. huhu
60.) Something I say a lot: pfffttt
61.) What I scared of: insect!
62.) When I was most hurt: i'll eat a lot.
63.) When I feel the happiest: eating? terasa nikmat..haha
64.) What I do when I'm scared: menyorok dlm selimut
65.) When have you given chocolates to someone for valentines day: ape nih valentines2 nih. haha
66.) What I do when I'm stressed: eat! skype with anje.
67.) What I like to eat when I drink: apekah?
68.) What I do when I mad: Refer no. 62
69.) I love to eat: "kak.. tomyam campur 1, pedas x mo sayur.." haha
70.) Time I get to school: 6 yo
71.) Something I want to learn: it's not i want but i have to; mandarin.. huhu
72.) What I do when there is someone I don't like: jeling dkt dia. hahaha
73.) When I was the happiest in my life: mmmm
74.) What I think of money: money matter. huhu
75.) If the person you love ended up loving someone else: let it be (let it be; the beatles) karma will happen.
76.) Most recent time I cried: broken heart. sobs sobss
77.) Sunshine or Moonlight: inner sunshine :p
78.) First kiss: parents la <3..
79.) If someone I broke up with wanted to get back: wth? kot
80.) Favorite person of a different race I like: chee hong, coursemate, usm. i still remember when i ask gurau2 with him: " chee hong, u nak kawen dgn i x?" he replied " saye nak jadi sami..." ahahaha...
81.) The most favorite thing I own: mmmm. banyak la.
82.) How long I can wait for someone: depends on my mood.
83.) When I was most disappointed: Refer no. 68
84.) Your monthly allowance: xde pon?? hahaha..
85.) Fav animals: meoowww
86.) Fav. Season: all time
87.) Most memorable date: 6 oktober la. ahahahaha  
88.) What I look at when I look at someone of the other gender: attitude.
89.)Your hairstyle as of now: ponytail.
90.) Nicknames: shazida
91.) What would you do if someone grabbed your things and started
running: maki. haha
92.) Love is?: everything
93.) When I know the person I love has changed: the way he treated me.
94.) What surprised you the most: unexpected gift like:
He's friend of my friend. I really adore the way he show his initiative to be my friend. He found out himself that i love cat, roses and even my office address. But, such a long time we didnt contact each other. sorry. if u read this, i really sorry. sy rase sgt bersalah because u r too perfect for me. 
95.) What you do when you can’t fall asleep: kire kambeng/ bintang
96.) What do you think you were in your past life: princess. huhu
97.) If you were to be born again: i will make sure my first love long lasting. haha
98.) What are you going to do after you finish this: sleeeppppp
99.) How honest were you: tersangat
100.) What do you want to say:  finallyyyyyy abes gak jawab tag ni. huhu. k dah. boleh tido. 

p/s: Person u want to tag: Refer entry part 1..

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