Wednesday, November 02, 2011


dear diary.. thanks for being here with me. can i say something?
i feel empty. empty. empty. emptiness surrounds me. 
sometimes. i feel like. i want to run. anywhere.
leave everything behind.  just to see who will find me.

but.... i know. it doesn't change anything. either i exist or not. all will stay the same.
running away doesn't solve my problems, it only creates more. i have to face it. but. 

instead of facing this. im tired of trying. 

When I was younger crying always seemed to be the answer. Now that I'm older crying seems to be the only option.


Anonymous said...

bole x awk jgn brhrp pd org yg x hargai awk...?

cik shazida said...

anonymous; if i can do so, fr the beginning my life would be easier :)

Anonymous said...

trust urself la dear.. awk x yakin dgn diri awak yg awk bley muv on without him.. kan? simpan sket airmate tuh.. well, sy mmg x bley nk ckp byk2 coz sy pon tatau la cite sbnr awk.. tp sy bley nsht je.. so its up 2 u to mke ur own dcsion.. nnti bile awk da jmpe org yg btl2 syg awk byk333, awk akn ckp..''mmbzir je airmte ak dlu...cis'' hahaha.. hohoho... just wait n see...