Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dear diary...

lately.. i dont know. what the hell is going on with me?
unpleasent feeling. missing someone.
i took a lot of time,  flashback my old memory. him...
there are too much feeling on the same time..
i really miss someone. T__T

kama? did u notice that u 'll be facing ur first paper on 29th april? did u notice that u dont even finish ur revision? did u notice that it's only left  41h b4 ur examination?


i havent started prof darah's section.. i havent started memorizing all the term, cycles, structures. what the hell is wnogradsky column? FISH? xenobiotics? T_______________T


wake up please? this is ur final semester? and where's ur soul???

just now. saya dah tumpahkan air coke and puding. soulless.i dont even notice their existance.

and evening td, my car locked? luckily i remember the same thing happen to azam. i called him. and dia jek my car.. around 45min? dahla time tuh sy tgh panaskan engine? kunci spare pulak i forgot that it was placed with my stuff that i just sent back to kl last week. jenuh la. alhamdulillah. nasib dah ok. just be more careful.

please ALLAH. give me a strength. to finish all this.

to all dearest. doakan sy ok?

29th April 2011/Friday : ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY/3pm-6pm/DK I
5th May 2011/Thursday : ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY/2.15pm-5.15pm/DPC
10th May 2011/Tuesday : VIVA/Dr. Latifah Zakaria/9.40am
16th May 2011/Monday : Final draft with hardcover. and.... 

I NEED THIS SMILE!!!!! pfftt..

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~~Sue eLLa~~ said...

Just drop by to say!i miss u so much syg......hehehe..dah cuti ker?