Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i feel like a heel yah.

salam. hm. baru ade mase nak update. lepas demam. serabut. and everytg. thanks mak and fwens. lebiuh!
i feel like hell? entah. yg pasti. dgr jela lagu ni. best.
tp. xde makne ape pon. (sikit2 ade la kot)
i need my soul back. pls God? ;(
for whom it may concern. tahniah. u r such a great person in breaking down others morality.
jgn kate sy x buat ape2. ive been personally being nice. always. as i know. my fault. and ppl will always blaming me. even. they didnt know inside. awak ramai pengikut. sy x.. korang boleh la memperbodohkan sy kan? once u feel, surely u guys will be doin the same. and u? nice to know u before. and not after ure doin this bad attitude. seteruk2 sy pun. selagi sy masih menjaga maruah anda. kenapa tidak anda?  good. gebang la kat org lg pasal quotes laen pulak? nanti sy add yg lain ok? nice :)

-loneliness by peter and paris. -


Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

i might not know ur real problems
everything happens is "experience"
use this opportunities to built your self~~

cik shazida said...

anis: tengs dear