Monday, April 12, 2010

when we talk about them.

fwens. fwens. fwens. it's just true as people said. friends come and go.

"if u make friends with yourself, u will never be alone"

everything i do. i'll always remember about u fwen.
but, sometimes. this weird feelings may come.
i am always here, and will always being affected, when u r not in a good mood.
i have feelings. and its not an important thing.
sometimes, bile hati saye kecik, it might be regret thing when u r not coming. but, others do n 4 u. i always do.
sometimes. i always think about this. why do i need 2 concern about others feeling. sdgkan, they'r not.
oh. semua ini hanyelah mainan roda kehidupan. bak kate org, sedang lidah lagi tergigit.
so dearie shazida,. chill bebeh~
-ini hanya sekelumit rase-
i just hope. 4 dis moment. i'll be with my family. as i want 2 go home. and mom.i know. u r always here with me.

it's might even more sad, when someone u r need is not coming. *sigh*

 *may our bonding last forever*

*dedicated 2 my friends*

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