Wednesday, April 07, 2010

may i say something?

oh. jam menunjukkan pukol 2pg.. sahye da mkn obat. tp, nape x leyh tdo2 lagik ni.. is there's any prob with my immune system? mentang2 la nak test jap lagi.. hoh0..

im tired. totally tired. with a very unstable condition. i need someone. someone that's really important.but, who cares??

may i say something?
*everyone is important 2 me.
*ive been waiting 4 u, 4 a very long time. and i know, i will always do that.
*im tired of everytg. i couldnt even stand with dis.
*sometimes, d more i walk through d way, d more my heart's bleeding, d most i hurt.

If you don't know,
then ask me.
If you don't agree,
then argue with me.
If you don't like,
then say it to me.
But don't keep silent
and judge me.

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