Monday, September 07, 2009

hey? its min birthday!

this post specially dedicate to jasmine, my dearest fwen, fr geng 7-37.

"on 5th september 1989, a little girl wif very lovely faces was born. she was named jasmine abdul karim. for almost 19 years, the little girl gr0wn-up and 0n may 2008, she has become my roomate at usm during orientation week. there are a lot of things we did together. Although, im not her roomate anymore, its very pr0ud of kn0wing her. She's a very nice person, talkactive & knowledgeable. wif lots of love, Happy Birthday min. semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, & success in whatever u're doing."

special gift 2 my dearest. [huhu, sury adiah kecik.. tapikan.. org kate, lg kecik adiah tu lg berharge kan?? haha =) hepi besday dear!]

1 comment:

jasmine~san said...

thank you sooooooo much!!! my dear x-roommate...

xpe lah kecik pon...y penting ikhlas!!!
dh kne start pk nk bg ko ape lak nnt...
huhuhuhu :)